All you will have to do is fill in your specific information into the templates; and then begin rehearsing. Over time, your delivery will get stronger; and you will feel increasingly comfortable, which will make things easier when the big day finally arrives.
Not surprisingly, it can be a challenging endeavor to write a best man/groomsman speech.
And that is exactly why I have written this guide for people like you.
In this downloadable book, I’ve covered 10 complete best man and groomsman speeches which you can simply pick and choose to make your own memorable speech.
I have provided exact templates for the speeches — All you’ll have to do is fill in the blanks and modify the template to make them fit your particular situation, tone and style.
Word-for-word speeches you can use. You can add them to your own speech or simply copy it all!
Know exactly what to say. You simply customize it the sections like: “Now, a mere [number of years bride and groom have been together], here I am, delivering a speech at their wedding. And I couldn’t be happier for you both.”
Know precisely what to do like ” Isn’t she stunning?” – so it not just tells you what to say, but also shows you exactly what to do. You’ll find these “gestures” throughout this guide.
Writing a good best man’s speech involves some wit, humor, and a vast store of anecdotes. It also involves trading off objectives and walking a fine line between funny and simply inappropriate.
Another two important components of any best man or groomsman’s speech are tone and mood. Without these two elements, it will lack direction and emotion.
For these reasons, I have divided all of the speeches into categories along these lines. Each speech broadly falls into the “sentimental,” “funny,” or “sentimental/funny” category. Remember to keep this in mind when selecting your template.
Here are the types of speeches you’ll find in this guide:
Best Man’s Speech (Sentimental) I
Best Man’s Speech (Sentimental/Funny) I
Best Man’s Speech (Sentimental/Funny) II
Best Man’s Speech (Funny) I
Best Man’s Speech (Funny) II
Best Man’s Speech (Funny) III
Groomsman’s Toast (Short) I
Groomsman’s Toast (Short – Married Groomsman) II
Groomsman’s Toast (Short – Married Groomsman) III
Groomsman’s Toast (Short – Married Groomsman) IV

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