Virtual Real Estate Tycoon is a 50+ page PDF course that will guide you through the highly profitable process of buying and selling websites in the virtual real estate marketplace. All you need to do is follow the instructions in these pages and I know you will be buying and selling websites successfully.

E-Commerce eliminates the physical boundaries of global business. Any individual anywhere in the world can do business with others via the world wide web whether you’re sitting at home playing with the kids, on vacation with your family, or even stuck in your office –

It’s time to harness this ability and seize the advantage!
Important: Whether or not you’re planning to buy or sell a website, it’s CRITICAL for an entrepreneur to know the market value of his virtual property!
Think about it – If you were to buy or sell your website today,
1. how do you measure the value of your website?
2. can you convince your buyer or seller that the valuation is fair?
3. do you know how to protect yourself against unscrupulous buyers?
These are only some of the many uncertainties entrepreneurs of the world wide web are faced with when it comes to the Virtual Real Estate Market.


Note: Master Rights to this entire package.
Note: Components included in this package:
• Virtual Real Estate Tycoon – PDF book.
• Sales Page Graphics– High quality graphics including header, e-book covers,
• Pre-written sales letter and thank you page. Just plug-in your payment link and your on
your way on making profit with the e-book.
With the Master Rights to this e-book, you can do any or all of
the following:
1. Change and edit the sales letter. You can put your name on the sales letter, re-phrase it,
produce your own testimonials and endorsements into the sales page, or anyhow you like.
5. Sell the Information Product (e-Book). Sell it in PDF format at the SRP of $29.95.
6. You can convey Basic Resell Rights to the product (PDF e-Book) and sell at a higher
suggested price of $37.00 – $47.00.
7. You can convey Master Resell Rights. to the product (PDF e-Book) and sell at a higher
suggested price of $47.00 – $67.00.

The restrictions are:
1. You CANNOT give away.
2. You CANNOT use unethical marketing methods or SPAM to conduct your business with
this product.
3. You CANNOT sell this product on auction sites such as
4. You CANNOT give the book away for free, It must be sold, bundled into a paid package,
added into a paid membership site, or offered as a bonus to another product you are selling.
5. You are responsible for customer service.
7. Any violation of this agreement will be subject to a revoking of this license.
8. This constitutes the entire license agreement. Any disputes or terms not discussed in this
agreement are at our sole discretion.