“Selling The Secret Sauce” is a condensed compilation of proven tips and strategies you can use immediately to position your products for better sales, higher profit margins, and greater perceived value.

Here’s A Sneak Preview Of What You Will Get:
How to get ahead of other information marketers using this truth which no one talks about openly.
4 types of subliminal devices you can use immediately to grab attention… keeps your customers so intrigued… they can never sleep until they buy your product.
22 ways to induce a buying trance in the first 4 seconds
18 suggestive words to paste into your copy and watch conversion climb as you use each one.
14 secret techniques to make your prospect excited with anticipation and ready to bolt across the room to buy your product.
19 tactics to turn on your customers greed glands and make them go into a compulsive buying frenzy.
How to take any mundane ebook and turn it into a confidential report packed with insider’s information within 10 minutes.
Top 13 things you can say to intensify your prospect’s desire… makes them want your information even more.
11 ways to tempt your customers to buy no matter how skeptical, sophisticated, or cheap they may be.
16 ways to influence your customer’s buying decisions in a split-second… suppresses buyer’s remorse and even makes your customers think it was the wisest investment they ever made.
And much, much more…

– This product is NOT about techniques which requires you to spend more money
– This product is NOT full of information found in your standard copywriting course
– This product is NOT a large curriculum that take days to study
– This product is NOT difficult and impossible to implement
– This product is NOT for people who are not bothered to even test the techniques


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