I’ll reveal the exact process for scaling to a million dollars, how you can do it very simply with an easy funnel, and how you can master the concept of scale, plus ideas I’m fleshing out right now as we speak.
Here’s what I’ll share with you on the live call on Thursday
–> The Million – Dollar Business Model
–> Exactly what to sell and at what price points to hit a million dollars
–> How to Find Click Sources to Sell To
–> Pricing Ideas for a Million – Dollar Funnel
My brand new pricing funnel that can scale to a million dollars
Here’s what else you’ll discover:
–> The entire mathematical equation for hitting one million in sales
– –> I’ll even reveal to you a $2 million dollar a year business that is fueled by a $97 a month membership
–> I’ll even give you three (3) of my ideas for what YOU can do that are million-dollar businesses!
You see, there are 7 billion people on this planet – and YOU can go after a million of them at the same time I do – I’m not worried about competition – in fact, if you build something big, I might want to advertise on your site!
–> The key to choosing a million-dollar niche
–>Why I’m working about 60 hours a month (15 hours a week) instead of 40 hours a week like I used to (while selling about $40k a month in 60 hours)
–> The model I now recommend to newbies
PLUS: My opinion on the future of internet marketing, and what it’s gonna take to succeed
==> My model for scaling a business
==> You’ll also learn from my mistakes, I’ll share with you some of the rabbit-trails I’ve gone down, the mistakes I’ve made – and what I’m doing now
Now, here’s the thing, this is powerful, it will change the way you see your business, it might help you see why you are stuck in a rut, why you keep trying to do things the way the gurus tell you and it just isn’t working for you.
Now, this is going to be a live call, and I’ll open the call for questions, and I’ll stay on the call till everyone’s questions are answered.,
Plus, if you can’t make the call live, I’ll record the call so you can listen at your convenience.

Note: this is going to be POWERFUL but it will be too much for some people to handle – it will open a huge mindset issue – and you can either embrace it – and go big – or continue to do things the way you’ve been doing them.
But if you want to really expand your mind – and your ability to grow to a million person business – get on the call Thursday!

And no, this is not included in any kind of package you may have already bought – this is a brand new, live training, revealing things I’ve NEVER revealed before.

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