Before you start selling a high-ticket product you need to first create a low-ticket product so that your customer can move down your sales funnel.
It’s important to price your low-ticket product as low as possible, but at the same time not devaluate the product. This will ensure that you’ll get as many qualified customers in your system so ultimately you’ll make more profits per customer.
The problem is coming up with ideas and generally creating a low-ticket product.
What topic should you base it around?
What price should you put?
What types of low-ticket products can you create?
How do you write a salesletter for a low-ticket product?
These types of questions appear all so often so I’ve written a special report to teach you the concepts of low-ticket products.

This special report will detail:

The types of low-ticket products you can produce. I’ll share 16 types of products you can create.

How to write a salesletter for your low-ticket item

What is a low-ticket item? What is the difference between a low-ticket item and a high-ticket item?

Why giving a lot of value in your low-ticket item produces more profits in the long run.

Why you should price your low-ticket item as low as possible — even if you think its value is worth a lot more.

An easy way to find out what price you should price your own low-ticket product.

Why you need a balance of both low and high-ticket items

The advantages of selling low-ticket items

Why “volume” is important for the life of your business.

How low-ticket items create “viral traffic” for your business, and how it will bring you more customer without much more effort.

Using the concept of “sampling” for bigger profits.

How low-ticket products helps establish a solid and positive report with your customers.

Developing your own “bread and butter” low-ticket items for maximum profits

+ much, much more!

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