You see, there is a very special – and unique – way to strategize and optimize your email campaign fast.
And in my business, for 8 years, I have written at least one email nearly every business day, and many days I’ve written 2-3, and I’ve written email campaigns in single sittings. I say all this to say: I’ve been there, done that, I’ve written thousands of emails, and I know the formula for what works . . . and what doesn’t.
And I do it the same way, over and over again, month after month, time after time.
The good news is, I have created a powerful training”Advanced Email Campaign Optimization Training Program” that will teach you exactly what to do and how to do it to optimize your email campaign the EXACT same way I personally do it
Here’s what you’ll discover in my powerful, rock solid “Advanced Email Campaign Optimization Training” Program:
All of this:
–> Why optimizing your email campaign is the most effective way you can boost your sales
–>How to change your newsletter mailing list into an effective sales machine (hint: more people will buy your stuff – before you change a thing on your sales pages)
–> Know exactly which emails to dump – and which ones to keep – in your email campaign. Do this and you’ll end up with a lean, powerful campaign that drives traffic exactly where you want it.
By the way: Discover exactly what makes your list respond – and watch your next product launch shatter your previous launch figures
This is real – world stuff that will change your email campaign optimization forever!
Here’s what else you’ll discover:
–> Why you need to set up email conversion tracking (plus a method so simple your grandma can do it for you)
– –> How to reinvest your email campaign profits – so your bottom line goes up every month
–>Use this process to exponentially multiply your profits (put it on the backend after creating a lean, mean frontend – then use it again and again with every new launch)
–>Exactly which tools help me create killer email campaigns… you can stop worrying about the shiny software and start making money
–> What I use to split test landing pages and skyrocket my conversion rates (and the simple software that makes monitoring email results a snap)

Now, here’s the thing, this is powerful, it will change the way you optimize your email campaign, and the way you manage email campaigns, and even the way you mastermind your email conversions and if you are struggling, this is going to change things.
And it’s an absolutely powerful training – and it’s powerpacked and goes fast so you can start implementing immediately.

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