Now, here’s the exact method I have taught many clients, and it’s the foundation of how I have personally created over 800 hours of products in the last 8 years:
Each week, at a pre-determined time, you hold a live teleseminar.

It can be free, you can charge $7, or $100, whatever.
But the key is you commit to hold it.
You tell everyone you know – on facebook, g+, anywhere you hang out. Email your list if you have one, if you don’t have a list, no biggie.
Even if only one person shows up, you have an audience, you’ll be pumped to teach, and if you miss anything, the person can ask you questions at the end to fill in the gaps.
That is one of the best parts, to me, of doing live training.
Because you don’t have to worry about something not being totally understandable, because if you goof up, someone can ask you what you meant (but don’t get your feelings hurt)
The other best part is that once you commit – you have to show up!
And if you just do it one time a week for one hour – in a few weeks, you’ll have 3-4 hours of training, ready to sell!

Either as 3-4 standalone trainings you can sell for $10, or as a 3-4 hour course you can sell for $100.

It’s really that easy.
Hopefully, you are excited about this.
And I hope you will try it this week.
Now, I’ve given you the strategy, so you don’t need to buy my training to learn the strategy.
But, if you really want to dig deep and learn some deep nuancing and tips and tricks and get motivated . . . . take a look at this training I have created!
I call it my “Easy Product Creation Using Teleseminars! Training and here’s what you’ll discover:
–> First – the basics: How to use a free teleseminar series to build your platform – and your first paid product
–> Hint: Have subscribers upset they missed a call in the series? Offer the full series in one package to make them happy – and give yourself a payday
–> Why you should price your products on value – not how “big” they are (and exactly how you price like this)
–> Use my proven template to quickly create an automated selling machine for your teleseminar product
–> The biggest pitfall of affiliate marketing – and how to stop it in its tracks
–> Why you should never create an ebook for your first product (and the quick, easy product you should create instead)
–> THE critical assumption for every online marketer (if you haven’t got this, you’re going to fail)
–> How to get a sales letter that brings in sales (even if this is your very first product)
–> How to find out exactly what your customers want – before you’ve even gotten your first subscriber
–> How to build trust with your customers so they’re ready to buy your big ticket items
–> The exact tools I use to create recorded products – fast (so you can get a hot product into your customer’s hands this week)
–> Physical products vs. digital products (what’s best for your customer may surprise you)
–> Here’s how you can create a complete product in just 1 hour a day for six days – and have an entire funnel created in a month

Now, here’s the thing, this is powerful, it will change the way you create products, and the way you see your own ability to create products, and even the way you brainstorm your big projects, this is going to change things.

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