What would happen to YOUR BUSINESS if you were forced to work for just 30 minutes a day for 84 days????
What would happen if you were to FORCE yourself to do just that!!!!
Without losing a family member, do you want to know how to get 4-10x more done in the same amount of time and truly come into 2016 with a Rock-Solid game plan to achieve your goals?
If so, you are going to love the package I have put together just for your 2016 time management and goal planning.
It’s a multiple-hour audio training program where you’ll discover:
–> Step by Step How to Plan your Daily Schedule To Achieve Your Yearly Goals
–> How to Implement Your Game Plan
–> What to Focus on, What to Drop (this is important, as without this, you focus on the wrong things)
–> My Master Theory based on 80-20 But Supercharged (this is the key principle I employed to go from 40-50 hours down to 10-15 hours)
–> Advanced 80-20 Application (No, this doesn’t sound sexy – but I guarantee this track will change your life!)
–> Mastering Distractions (That’s right, eliminate distractions forever)
–> What you need to know about getting more rest and doubling your productivity (yes, this works!!!)
And much, much more! Plus 2 Unadvertised bonuses!
Now, I’m planning to put this on my regular site at $97 once this special New Years Promotion is over, and it will be worth every penny.
But to celebrate the New Year and to give you a no-brainer reason to get this training and allow it to change your life

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