Do You Know How Many People Are Really Downloading Your Digital Products?
Now you can find out! Our new “Download Meter” is a great script that serves 3 purposes. First, it counts how many times a file has been downloaded. Then, it tracks the location that the download request came from. Finally, it allows you to show a ‘Download Starting’….’ page like you’d see on many popular download sites. The script is simple to install and easy to use.

1/ – Open dl-template.tml in your html editor and customize it to suit
2/ – Create a folder on your host called anything you like (ie dlmtr) and CHMOD it to 777
3/ – Upload the files dl.php, index.php, login.php, title.jpg and dl-template.html
4/ – Type in the address to to the login.php file (ie
5/- Setup passwords

When linking to downloads, instead of linking like
That will then track the downloads for that file.

Master Resell Rights-Download Meter

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CANNOT be packaged with other titles. It must be sold as a
“Stand Alone” product.

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